• Phoenix Publishing House works with BOOKS ETC Printing Company since April 2014. During our cooperation BET fulfilled all our requirements with regard to quality of print and transportation of products. With the confidence we have noted that the print runs are BET is continuous monitoring each print runs and presented on time, within specified terms in the contract. This is very important for us because our goal is to produce high-quality, interesting and good-looking books for our consumers. We express our gratitude to our partners at BET led Michael Shifrin for reliability and professionalism. We are thankful for past and present and confident in future cooperation.

    E. A. Tolgobolskaya Deputy Director
    Phoenix LLC Rostov-on-Don, Russia www.phoenixrostov.ru

  • Once our publishing company Summit Kniga started to print our books at BET LLC in February 2014 we immediately realized that we are dealing with a team of professionals who care about each order. BOOKS ETC aims to manufacture not just high-quality printing products at the best price but also interesting and good looking products for the consumer.

    I. M. Stepurin Director
    Summit Kniga Kiev, Ukraine sbook.com.ua

  • On behalf of the CRYSTAL BOOK I’d like to thank you for the inspiration brought to us by our cooperation with BOOKS ETC. Due to qualified management and tremendous production capacities we have achieved excellency of our books. We’ve had enough time to experience reliability and professionalism of the BET’s team. With gratitude and hope for further cooperation.

    A. I. Lupina Director
    CRYSTAL BOOK Odessa, Ukraine http://kristalbook.com.ua/

  • At TORSING PLUS we believe that our colleagues at BOOKS ETC are like-minded people who easily understand our ideas about finished product. They take into consideration every wish and every detail. All questions that arise in a complexity of printing process are usually being resolved quickly and professionally. It inspires us to further work together with BET.

    L. K. Deputat Director
    Torsing Plus Publishing Company Kharkov, Ukraine torsing.ua

  • I’m happy to express my most sincere gratitude to my friend Michael Shifrin, head of BOOKS ETC, for the fruitful collaboration since 2015. With creative pre-press preparation and high-quality printing, this team of professionals always keeps confident about orders we place with BET. Highly recommended!

    Yossi Demihovskiy Director
    YACHAD Publishing House Jerusalem, Israel www.yahad.org

  • GENEZA Publishing Company expresses our gratitude to BOOKS ETC for the highest level of reliability, accuracy, quickness in resolving problems, high quality of work and - last but not the least – attentiveness and care of this team of creative professionals that are totally in love with book printing.

    O. P. Dubas Director
    GENEZA Publishing Company Kiev, Ukraine http://www.geneza.ua/