BOOKS ET CETERA (BET) was established in 2008 by a team of friends who were doing business together for over a decade. It’s been established by purchasing huge old printing house with falling walls, outdated equipment and average 60-years old staff. During next few years we’ve renovated the buildings, bought tons of the most modern equipment, put it to work and – last but not the least – re-created our team.
My colleagues that I really proud of aren’t just top professionals. They are people with passion to book printing, or as they say “book creating”. We succeeded to infuse the most experienced typographers from old staff into the stream of the most talented young professionals.
Today BET is one of the largest and most successful printing companies nationwide, printing books for publishers in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, United States, Great Britain, France and Canada. Our extraordinary quality in combination with most reasonable price give a confidence that you’d enjoy doing business with BET too!
Michael Shifrin.
Owner of "Books et Cetera" Printing Company